Acerca de nuestro cliente: 
Our client operates all over the world, was founded in Germany and generates annual sales of more than 1.5 billion euros, leading the banknote market and security solutions for an efficient and secure cash cycle.

To join a team of more than 10.000 employees of a leading global technology provider with presence in 32 countries across every continent, developing a global usage's software for supporting the manufacture of new cards products, including maintenance, improvement and incidences resolution. Due to this worldwide scope, the job will imply to work in international projects.

- To become involved in the whole process of the software's development: analysis, design, implementation and testing.

- To ensure the quality of the new products by fulfilling with all the specifications during the production process.

- To be in charge of building technical and use documentation by generating the corresponding test records to ensure the development.

- To add improvements to the software by increasing its features.

- To carry out the maintenance, reporting and solve incidences of the software.
- Other specific tasks such as the evaluation tools and utilities, resolve queries, user training, etc.

Ventajas diversas: 

Permanent work in a leading global technology provider.
Defined plan career.
Excellent work conditions.
Other benefits.


El Prat de Llobregat

Titulació requerida: 

Enginyeria Tècnica o Grau en Informàtica

Perfil requerit: 

Perfil buscado (Hombre / Mujer): 
- University degree in Computer Science
- Software engineering, Database design, and OOP. Programming languages: C++, Visual C++ and C# (at least one at expert level).
- Valuable knowledge and experience in WCF, WP, Java, SQL, Cryptography, devices programming, machine interfaces, and production environments.
- Good English level required, conversation fluency to maintain a technical conversation by phone and exchange different sorts of knowledge.
- Skills: Analytical capacities, commitment, oriented to team work and quality, and methodic. 


Temps complert

Rang Salarial: 

26 000.00€ bruts anuals
30 000.00€ bruts anuals

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