Ironhack Hackshow - Web Bootcamp Demo Day

What can our students create in just 2 weeks? Come to our Hackshow to see the web applications they coded for their final project - who knows, maybe you'll witness the birth of the next Airbnb or Twitter!

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The Hackshow will take place at SeedRocket, Carrer de la Llacuna, 162, on Friday, 4th of December at 6pm.

Hackshow by Ironhack

Welcome to the Ironhack's family, welcome to the Ironhack #WebDevHackshow!

The Hackshow is the Ironhack's Demoday that takes place at the end of each of their bootcamps. During the last 2 weeks, out of an eight-week Bootcamp, 15 students turn their ideas into reality developing their own web platforms.

Ironhack iOS Barcelona Hackshow 2014

Barcelona & Online

Hackshow is the DemoDay of all students from the last cohort of Ironhack intensive Web programming course. The event has two parts:

1) Demo of Ironhack 5 finalists: During the last two weeks of the intensive Web Development Course, the students develop a web platform which will be presented in 10 minutes for each of them.

2) Guest Keynote.

Hackshow, el Demoday d'Ironhack que tindrà lloc a Madrid i Barcelona

Ironhack és una startup d'educació que ha llançat el primer bootcamp de desenvolupament web i mòbil (iOS) a Espanya (Madrid i Barcelona). Aquest bootcamp és un programa 100% pràctic, d'alta intensitat i de més de 400 hores de durada. El currículum d'aquest bootcamp se centra en ensenyar millors pràctiques de programació i metodologies àgils per aplicar a projectes rals com webs i apps.

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